Artificial Intelligence is having what can only be described as a rather extended gestation period in retail. However, the signs are now beginning to show us AI can have a significant impact on the bottom line. The AI explosion in retail is just around the corner…..

Here’s a question for the digital age: in a car crash involving an autonomous vehicle and a pedestrian, who dies? The pedestrian or the passengers?

Well, let’s hope neither because I for one wouldn’t wish to be faced with that conundrum but it needs answering before we witness widespread adoption of autonomous vehicles.

Neither are we about to see our skies filled with drones, frantically crisscrossing the skies making deliveries up and down the country. Since July this year, in the U.K. it has been illegal to fly a drone above 120 meters, pilots require a license from the Civil Aviation Authority and there are strict guidelines for usage.

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Source: Forbes

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