The term artificial intelligence has acquired immense popularity in the past few years. A number of applications today have incorporated AI. This technology is going to take us far in the world, and will also overtake us in a lot of ways.

If this is the new era of the Industrial Revolution, AI is surely going to be one of its driving forces. This article will help one understand the whole family that comes under AI including — general artificial intelligence, artificial narrow intelligence, machine learning and deep learning, among others.

Deep Dive Into AI Taxonomy

1.Artificial General Intelligence (AGN): AGN is generally associated with the human-like part of AI. It is also called ‘Strong AI’ because it can understand as the human brain does and hence have not so direct, complex applications. It could combine human-like thinking with computational abilities and can perform intellectual tasks as humans can. Turing test, Coffee test, Robot College Student test, Employment test and the flat pack furniture test are some of the tests for an AGI….

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Source: Analytics India Magazine

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