IoT Inc: How Your Company Can Use the Internet of Things to Win in the Outcome Economy

I have been working in Internet of Things field for last 4-5 years and have been part of the initial revolution to its early evolution. I have read 5 books on IOT revolution and business/technical topics. By far, this is the best book I have read. Bruce has deep experience and understanding in all aspects of IOT and those who listen to his podcasts or hear him in the meet-ups will attest to that. However, I was pleasantly surprised with the articulation and free flowing book that he has written. My high points are a Great blend of Business/Technology, Practical examples focused on real problems, Very comprehensive in capturing all aspects of IOT ecosystem, Synthesis of the value proposition of IOT in different settings and finally a book for everyone.
This is an excellent read for anyone with a deep knowledge or just scratching the surface of IOT world. I highly recommend this book to everyone.