At the age of 10 Max Niebylski, was running a revenue-generating Minecraft server company. When his business fell victim to a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack, he set out to find a solution.

He learned to navigate the dark web and find a way to counter the web-paralysing tool, created in 1974, ironically by another teenager as a prank, that has plagued websites for decades and cost organisations millions.

During a DDoS attack the server is bombarded with so many useless requests, reducing its capability to serve genuine users and bringing the site down. There are solutions on the market to counter the attacks, but Niebylski, now 19, believes that  Gladius, the blockchain startup that he co founded, offers a more effective solution.

Growing up in a family where education was everything, his curiosity for learning knew no bounds. “I hopped from subject to subject, but always ended up coming back to tech,” he says. “From the age of 10 knew I wanted to be a tech entrepreneur. My dreams came to fruition when I decided to drop out of college, much to my parent’s surprise, and pursue Gladius full time.”

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Source: Forbes

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