With the development of enterprise mobility, cloud computing, Big Data, and Internet of Things (IoT), as a network administrator, have you ever thought of the following issues?

– How can we ensure signals are uninterrupted when users move between conference rooms and office areas?
– How can we use only one network in a supermarket to meet the requirements for electronic shelf label (ESL) connection, employee office work, and wireless Internet access for customers?
– How can we enable spectators to share wonderful moments with friends in real time in a crowded sports stadium?
– How can we ensure smooth electronic classroom experience and reduce the number of devices to be deployed?

Come and join the online revealing of the new Huawei CloudCampus products on February 28. Here, you will find the answers to these questions!

This webinar includes:

– In-depth dialogue with campus network experts.
– Revealing new products of the CloudCampus solution.
– Huawei’s latest small- and medium-sized solutions in 8 scenarios, such as hotel chains, shopping mall chains, supermarket chains, primary/secondary education, and offices.
– Latest campus network success stories in the industry.
– The industry’s most complete whole-lifecycle mobile O&M tool

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