Before we get to the article, I wanted to mention that this particular blog post is a different one because it involves registering on the linked site, thebanker.com.  Normally, if it’s this complex and annoying, I really don’t bother, but this set of articles are good and worth it to read, so if you’re interested, I’ve listed the title with a text blurb on what it is about and you can click to see the original source article.

Banks and the Quantum Fit

Quantum computing promises the possibility of performing an infinite amount of computations almost instantaneously. But the technology is still in its early stages. Joy Macknight investigates how banks can cut through the hype to what is real.

Source: The Banker

Building the Intelligent Bank Part I – Source:  The Banker

The Benefits of Banking Intelligence Part II – Source:  The Banker

The Arrival of Artificial Intelligence Part III – Source:  The Banker

Consumer to Corporate Expectations Part IV – Source:  The Banker

Providing Technology for Treasurers Part V – Source:  The Banker

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this article and videos and just an FYI, this is an SAP sponsored content thing for thebanker.com so it might be slightly bias, however the info provided is solid.

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