Google could face further fines at up to 5 percent of its average daily global revenue for not complying with the EU.


The European Commission, the executive arm of the EU, had originally fined Google almost $3 billion in 2017 for abusing its market dominance to prop up its shopping comparison tool. The company displayed its price comparison chart at the top of its search results, which the EU said was unfair and would give it an advantage over startups trying to make their tools, even third-parties created better products.”

While I do agree that there are things that need to be changed in the tactics that Google takes, I am personally unsure if this is the right way or rather “thinking” to go about this.  Beyond looking at just the surface, I fail to see how this would improve on the situation.  The situation meaning that by NOT doing this, Google will impede on the ability for startups to compete and perform.

The WHOLE idea of a startup is the actual idea (then the execution).  This would create BETTER startups that come up with better solutions to challenges that consumers face.  The fact that Google is a powerhouse and a highly used search engine does give it benefits, no doubt, but by curtailing them from making a superior product is just as bad.  This isn’t making things better, it’s just making it “easier” to compete.  I DON’T WANT EASIER.  I want innovation.  By making things easier, to me, impedes on innovation.  If there is a serious challenge, let people start coming up with solutions that are 10 steps better, not just 1 or 2 steps.

We win either way.  If Google improves, they hire more people.  If startups improves, it enhances innovation.

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Source: TheHill

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