National technology investment strategies are hard to define let alone pass through complicated legislative bodies, like the US Congress, even when there’s a declared war that threatens a country’s financial and economic competitiveness. The war for global leadership in artificial intelligence and machine learning is well underway, and the US is poised to lose perhaps the most important technology war in its history.

Is the AI war well-understood? Not even close, at least not by the “leaders” who develop national strategies or by the citizens of the United States – who all need to spend some time on https://willrobotstakemyjob.com. While I searched and searched, I could not find a single political candidate in the recent US mid-term elections who discussed AI, the AI war, or how the US will likely lose the war unless a massive strategic pivot occurs immediately. Since they’re mostly unaware of the war, US leaders have no strategies to prevent an historic loss: imagine the implications of electing politicians who have no idea a deadly war is underway.

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Source: Forbes

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